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Eyelash extensions are a way to extend the length and thickness of your eyelashes. Individual lashes are adhered to your existing lashes one at a time resulting in more volume of the lashes.  Done right, the extensions should fuse smoothly with your existing lashes and as your lashes go through the natural growth cycle, you will see a few lashes fall out, like they do naturally. 

You should not see any clumping and you should not feel any discomfort or heaviness on the lids as the natural lash grows out.  If you do, you might have a set of lashes that might have been applied incorrectly and might be too thick for your natural lashes, therefore it weighs down on your natural lashes.

Below are a set of various types of before and after pictures of lash extension outcomes.  No one lash outcome will look like the other, as it all depends on what type of lashes you have to work with.  In all the pictures below, you will notice that although volumes increase, it is not remarkable.  With regard to length, it is also important to stick with the length that can be supported by your natural lashes.  Lashes that are too long for the natural lashes will eventually weigh them down and as they grow out, will cause discomfort and not last as long.

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Figure 1: Woman has a nice thick set of natural lashes to begin with. She acquired slightly more volume but not remarkably different than before.  What makes her strikingly different is the added length.  She is able to hold a good length since her natural lashes are long to begin with.

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Figure 2: Woman has thinner and shorter lashes.  As a result, she was able to also add more volume but the lashes used are much thicker than her original lashes.  A layering approach was also used, where Y-type lashes were inserted between the individual lashes, to get more depth.  The length however is shorter than figure 1, as she can only hold this much length.

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Figure 3: Woman has same quality lashes as figure 2 and the resulting outcome is similar. This is a frontal view.  One thing to note on the after picture, the outer part of the eye has longer lashes, to create a lift of the eye and a more striking look.  This is an example of how you can accentuate certain parts of the eye, to create a different illusion (i.e., striking look, rounder eye appearance, etc).

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Figure 4: Asian eyelashes often are short and straight.  Lash extensions of the C-type can create a more open and rounder shape and more volume.  In the after picture, different lengths are also used and get longer towards the outer part of the eye to lift the eye and open it up more.  These eyelashes can achieve good volume and create depth, however, using very long lashes are not recommended, as the original lashes are straight and have no curl.  Very long extensions will weigh these natural lashes down and not adhere properly.  It will also not grow out nicely.

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Figure 5: Woman with very thin and sparse lashes but good working length.  The outcome has volume but not remarkable and some nice length.

high quality eyelash extensions

Figure 6: Woman with very thin and short lashes.  The method used layers lashes of the Y-type variety in between individual lashes to create a double layer thick look.  This looks good once you leave the salon but is hard to keep up, and the lash growth can be cumbersome as you might feel some clumping from the adhesive. This is difficult to apply with very little to no adhesive as the lashes are voluminous.  The only reason this will hold better is that the choice of lashes are not so long and that the natural lashes will be able to carry it.

semi permanent eyelash extensions

Figure 7: Woman with thin straight lashes.  The outcome is more natural, using thinner extensions.  Length and volume are appropriate and make the lashes look very natural.

individual eyelash extensions

Figure 8: Woman has naturally longer lashes in the center and the outcome builds on what she already has by using very long and thick lashes.  Important to note here is that the lash extension lengths are proportionate to the natural lengths. This will make it look more fluid and very dramatic.

The quality of the adhesive and the technical prowess of the esthetician are very important components in achieving the perfectly applied lash extensions. She should be able to determine what types of lashes to work with to complement yours.  An excellent job should enhance your natural lash pattern and how they grow, thus bringing more depth to the eye.  You should also not be feeling any itching or discomfort during the natural lash growth cycle.

At Lotus Mind+Body Spa, we work with silk, mink and synthetic lashes in various sizes, thickness and curls.  On your first consultation, we will determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.  Please let us know if you are prone to eye irritations from using any make up or eye products as you might not be a good candidate for the FDA-approved adhesive.  We will also determine if we can fulfill your expectations based on the quality of your lashes and discuss the various options that may work for you.

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