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Benefits of Facial Massage Combined With Effective Skin Care Products On Delaying Aging

Many massage therapists, cosmetologists, beauty consultants and their clients have found the hands-on approach of facial massage as an antidote to aging.  It also has the added benefits of reducing stress.

Although the benefits of massage seem clear, there’s more to them than meets the eye. The skin – our body’s largest organ – has two distinct layers. The first layer is the epidermis which itself consists of six layers. The aging process occurs within these layers. Dead skin cells remain on the skin’s surface, making it appear aged. In order to look youthful, new cells need to replace dead cells. This rejuvenation process can be accelerated by vigorous massage.

Under the epidermis lies a second, deeper layer of skin, the dermis. This is where an abundance of sweat and oil glands, hair follicles, blood vessels, nerves and muscle tissue are located. The dermis also contains collagen, the body’s chief support structure. When the skin’s support structure breaks down,  wrinkles, crinkles and sagging skin are visible, which are the primary skin problems of aging. With age, oxygen molecules in the skin slow down hormonal production which in turn slows down skin cell reproduction. This oxidation in the body causes collagen “crosslinking”. When the flesh ages, crosslinking damages atoms – causing a change in structure which destroys collagen.

When collagen becomes hard and dehydrated it crosslinks with other collagen fibers forming a web-like pattern which prevents it from holding water.  As it dehydrates, the web draws the upper layers of skin into it as it tries to rehydrate itself and because of the ineffective process, it instead creates wrinkles.

Just as the body needs exercise, the face needs stimulation to help nourish, stimulate and firm the skin otherwise it becomes lax.  The stimulating effect of nimble fingers forces blood to rush to the skin’s surface, promoting circulation, detoxification and relaxation. After receiving a vigorous facial massage, the skin has a pinkish cast to it because the blood has been brought to the skin’s surface and the skin looks healthy, clear and glowing due to this rush of blood.  Additionally, vigorous stroking movements remove impurities and give the skin room to breathe.

The best time for women to cleanse the skin is during menstruation. Optimum benefits are gained during this time because the body’s impurities are already being brought up through the skin’s surface.

A prime factor in the creation of lines, particularly expression lines, is stress. Most of us don’t realize that when we frown or raise our eyebrows our face is tensed. Over the course of time, stress lines appear to be deeply carved in our skin and communicate age. Energizing effects can be achieved by massaging facial pressure points. Pressure points, related to energy flowing through the face and hands, are often blocked by stress, illness or poor diet. Massaging these points liberates blocked energy, increases the flow of oxygen and reduces stress and tension – helping alleviate creases and crevices.

Facial massage, consuming lots of water,  a clean and effective skin care line, eating a well-balanced diet and staying out of the sun, are the best ways to looking significantly younger than your years.

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