A Synergistic Approach To Facial Rejuvenation

At Lotus, we have devised a treatment of combining facial acupuncture followed by a daily regimen of Environ products as an alternative treatment specifically for clients looking to avoid invasive surgery, harsh chemical peels and volatile botox solutions.

Research has shown that micro-needles that puncture the horny layer of the epidermis help to increase the penetration of nutrients and vitamins by approximately 10,000 fold.   Puncturing the horny layer of the skin does not compromise the lower levels of the skin while allowing deeper penetration of vitamins.  In addition, because there are no nerves in the upper part of the epidermis, this layer can be punctured without pain.  Although many micro-needling devices can be purchased to perform at-home needling, the two most effective needling techniques are performed by plastic surgeons (as they puncture deeper layers of the skin using an anesthetic) and acupuncturists (who specialize in identifying the most effective points on the face and body to apply the needles).

Facial acupuncture acts as micro-needles; when the skin is punctured, it brings blood to the surface boosting collagen production and encouraging cell renewal.

Using hair thin needles, the acupuncturist can provide a painless micro-needling facial protocol with the added full body benefits provided by acupuncture (i.e., more restful sleep, stress and pain reduction).  After the horny layer has been punctured, we apply Environ’s Vitamin A-based products as we believe it to be the most effective products for optimum results.

Vitamin A is the corner stone to Environ’s philosophy and is essential for healthy, youthful looking beautiful skin.  It is scientifically proven to assist in the repair of collagen and boost elasticity, thereby reducing fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, all of which are associated with the aging process.

After about 5 or 6 facial acupuncture sessions combined with a daily regimen of Environ products you will see a significant difference in increased hydration and elasticity to the skin, enhanced muscle tone and jaw line definition, refining of the pores, smoother fine lines, less saggy jowls, a more lifted brow line, overall tighter facial appearance and improved hormonal balance.

Although the optimal results are achieved gradually, it is a less invasive and less costly procedure than those provided by cosmetic surgery without the down time and side effects.

Even in Hollywood, where a gradual and natural look is more desirable, as the injectible route has made actors and actresses less hirable for jobs, a series of treatments which combines acupuncture and Vitamin A serums are sought after to achieve smoother and youthful skin.

We recommend a consultation with our estheticians on your first visit so we can assess your goals and design a program that will be most effective and achievable.

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