Eyebrow Artistry

How the brows are shaped – whether it is too short, too long, too arched, or too flat – may accentuate your face in a good or bad way!  Maintained eyebrows enhance your bone structure, size and shape of eyes, and overall shape of face!
For example:
A rounded, arched eyebrow softens up angular faces. It brings out the appearance of big eyes. Flat brows with no arches makes the face appear shorter and is great for candidates with long oval faces. An arched eyebrow accentuates and evens out the face.

The secret to having beautiful brows is to stick with the brow’s natural shape. Forcing a more arched brow or a straight brow on an arched brow would cause the brows to look unnatural.

Here are a few different eyebrow shapes:

A nice arch lifts your eyes and opens them up so that you don’t look tired. But too much of an arch may make you look too stern, unapproachable and simply overly excited. These arches are alluring but are very hard to pull off. Clients who do not want attention drawn to their nose should not have high arches as these point down right at them and draws the attention to their nose.

High Low Brows
Eva Longoria has these brows. One brow is higher than the other. It’s very common for us to have one brow higher than the other.  As soon as we trim down a client’s brows, we show them the asymmetry. These brows should be kept so that both brows have the same arch. However, in many instances it is inevitable to use brow product to make them more similar in shape.

Thick Brows
A lot of younger clients have these brows. These brows are suitable for all clients with average to fuller faces. Fuller thicker brows create a fuller look to one’s face so therefore clients who are older may benefit from this look. It creates the illusion that your face is fuller and younger.

Thin Brows
Thin brows are similar to brows that are sparse. Sometimes it is genetics, sometimes it is because the client over tweezed/waxed. It is still recommended for these clients to wax the hair that grows underneath the brows however we do not recommend waxing from the top of their brows as this will cause the brows to become even more sparse over time.

Close Brows
Clients who often have brows that have grown very close to each other almost like a uni-brow tend to be younger or are of those clients who fear waxing may remove their brows completely. It lightens up the face and opens your eyes when you wax this area.

Short Brows
Even though these eyebrow types are shorter, they will need to be waxed to keep from having a heavy look.  We can teach you how to fill your brows in to create fuller, longer realistic looking ones.

Here is a diagram to show how the eyebrows should be aligned in proportion to one’s face.  A lot of women make the mistake of tweezing too far into the front of their brows, and thus making them too far apart. That makes your nose looks wider.
1- Line the start of your brows with the center of your nostril.
2- The arch of your brows should be highest from where the line crosses the center of your nostril to the center of your iris. However high may depend on how you would like your look. Stick with a smaller arch as those may be adjusted according to your taste in the future. Whereas, if you spiked your brows up really high, they may take quite awhile to grow back and fix.
3- The length of your brows should end where the line passes the ends of your brows. We notice many short brows or very long ones growing down their face; either of which is not appealing.

Maintenance Between Waxings

We tell many of our clients to refrain from tweezing in between visits. When brows are tweezed or waxed, the hair follicle will be damaged ressulting in hair that may not grow back. A few years later, if you want fuller brows to look younger, there may no longer be any hair. Please just brush your eyebrows in the direction they are growing and trim them. This actually cleans up your brows a little so that you can bear with it until your next visit.

Waxings should be done about 4-6 weeks apart as that is the cycle of your hair growth.

Eyebrows come in all different shapes, sizes and textures! At Lotus Mind + Body Spa we use two different types of waxes for body hair removal; strip wax and hard wax.

The hard wax we use is a lavender hard wax. It is infused with chamomile to soothe and condition the skin. This type of wax is suitable for clients with sensitive skin. We love using this wax because as the wax cools, it wraps around the hair shaft and not onto the skin, so when you pull the wax off with the hair, it does not hurt the client as much as with strip wax that may pull on the skin. This wax works wonders on bikini, French and Brazilian waxes as they are almost pain-free when used.

We use a microcrystalline wax for our strip wax.  It is hydrating for your skin and great for all types of hair. This wax is applied very thinly onto the hair and removed with a non-woven strip. This wax leaves the skin baby soft and very clean! Ideally for clients without sensitivity issues, looking for a super smooth clean feeling after waxing.

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